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The Long Story: Easiest way for me to share this is to copy the email updates I sent out to friends and family, starting here: May 5, Guess what Lance Armstrong and I have in common? Hint: it's neither bicycling ability nor am I leaving my wife and child for Sheryl Crow. So some of you are aware of this already but I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer last month.

I had surgery April 22nd to remove the, um, offending anatomical unit, and over the last couple of weeks I've had a lot of blood drawn, drank some particularly vile glop to provide contrast for a CAT scan, pierdere în greutate ms krazie also sat down with an Oncologist. The bad news: the surgery didn't get all of it, I've got an enlarged lymph node in my abdomen and an elevated level of Alpha Feto Protein, which means the cancer has started to travel.

Given the cell type of my particular flavor of TC, embryonal cell carcinoma, chemotherapy is the treatment of choice my God, my hair will fall out! Oh, right, never mindand I'll be starting most likely on June 6.

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I'll be doing 4 cycles of chemo, each cycle lasts 3 weeks, so 12 weeks total. I'll be completely unavailable the first week of each cycle while foul things are dripped into my veins, and for the remaining two I'm going to try to work if I can manage it.

RPLND turns out to be the technical term for open patient up from sternum to groin, move everything out of the way, remove remaining tumor plus all the rest of the lymph nodes from the back of the abdominal wall right next to the aorta and the spineput everything back, and staple back together.

Which led to this email: Ow. Pretty much sums up the surgical recovery experience. Thank god for my magic morphine button. Am now home and resting comfortably but I miss my magic morphine button.

Attached is a picture of the results for those of you who like your visuals. My advice is don't open it if you are averse to either: A. Industrial grade incisions that look more like something out of CSI than anything else.

Paunchy middle aged man-gut. And we're DONE screwing around this time, no more pansy-ass treatments like regular chemo and pierderea în greutate falls of neuse little surgeries like the one I just had Regarding the surgery, I'm recovering nicely and as long as I keep my shirt on and don't try to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs, it's not really apparent that four weeks ago my viscera were anywhere but where they normally belong. We got the results back on the histology of what they took out of me last month and also my latest AFP levels.

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Ce alimente provoacă flatulența în intestine The good news is that by histology they didn't find any spread of live cancer cells beyond the main mass that they took out, margins were clean and so were the additional lymph nodes that were removed. Also, just prior to starting chemo last week my AFP levels were down at 17, normal is 6which is the lowest they have been since we started this whole mess.

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Boala Crohn și colita ulcerativă; Invazia viermilor; Cancerul de colon. Pentru a înțelege mai detaliat cauzele de eliminare a sângelui din anus, luăm în considerare aceste stări în detaliu, pentru confortul cititorului care se concentrează imediat asupra caracteristicilor tratamentului.

Sângerări cu hemoroizi Hemoroizii sunt una dintre cele mai frecvente cauze ale sângerării anale.

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Hemoroizii apar datorită venelor varicoase ale stratului submucosal al rectului, care, sub formă de clustere, ies în lumenul organului sau în afară, provocând disconfort sever și perturbând în mod semnificativ modul de viață obișnuit. The bad news is that pooping-ul duce mai mult la pierderea în greutate were live cells inside the main mass, and my AFP level is not dropping as fast as we would like, which means that most likely there's some cancer cells still hanging about.

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Best guess is somewhere in my lymphatic system, but the fact is we really don't know where toate medicamentele adhd cauzează pierderea în greutate are. Cauzele sângerării din anus So as a spanacul crud arde grăsimea for recovering so quickly from the surgery I had last month, I got to start a new round of chemo last week!

We're using a different cocktail of drugs this time, and because of the particular cocktail I'm getting, I have to get infused as an inpatient.

Pretty much the same schedule as before, a three-week cycle where I get infused for five days then get the next 16 at home to recover. I'll get two cycles of this, so six weeks total. The goal here is to knock down as many of my cancer cells using standard therapy as possible, however, given that these guys have already survived one round of chemo, the odds of getting all of them this way aren't that good. What we're opriți yaz pierdeți în greutate doing is getting pooping-ul duce mai mult la pierderea în greutate much of the cancer cleared out as we can, which increases the chances of the next phase working, which brings me to the REALLY fun part, which is High Dose Chemo.

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Sometime in December I'll get shot up with various growth factors for blood stem cells so I'll have lots of them floating around in my blood stream, they'll do apheresis to collect the stem cells and then they'll get frozen away. Then they're going to hit me with whopping great doses of chemo to get anything that's left after the previous two rounds. When all of the chemo is cleared from my system, they'll infuse the stem cells we collected previously back in, the stem cells travel to my bone marrow where they belong and my immune system comes back.

We'll apparently be doing two rounds of this, not quite sure right now what all the logistics are going to be yet, as I haven't talked with the Oncologist who will be running this phase of my treatment.

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He's actually a specialist in lymphomas and leukemias, where this sort of thing is much more common. What we do know is that we're probably looking at March before all of this is done, and I'll be spending a fair bit of time during December - March in isolation at Mass General.

I'll be allowed visitors but everybody will be wearing masks, stringently washing hands, that sort of thing. It sounds scary but I'm told that the biggest problem I'll be facing during this time is boredom, as I'll feel pretty good through most of this, but they're not going to let me out to play More when I know it, -John Treatment went more or less a described above, I sent this email 13 years ago now So, the brief version in order according to the subject line: I got home last Monday after vigorous lobbying of my physicians and nurses over the weekend.

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Guy and Casey were probably the only people happier than me to get me out of there. And, the answers to the most common questions we've all got right now: What's the prognosis?

Did it work? John Smutko's PMC I could spend some more time putting a positive spin on this, but the truth is, we just don't know. There has been no detectable cancer in my system by both blood serum tumor marker levels and CT scan since November, before we even started the High Dose roller coaster, and so I'm officially in remission. Does this mean we got everything?

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As so often happens in the ass-backwards world of cancer treatment, the longer we don't know for sure, the better. In other words, we want to see normal levels of AFP and nothing showing up on CAT scans for the next few years, so it's gonna be a while. Given that, I pooping-ul duce mai mult la pierderea în greutate want to think about this as little as possible.

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Accordingly, I hereby reserve the right to answer any and all questions concerning when my next tests will take place and their potential outcome by either literally or figuratively sticking my fingers in my ears and saying La, la, la, I can't hear you. I want to get back to my normal life starting now.

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Or, at least, starting when my damn eyebrows grow back, which brings me to item number three in the subject line. I have no hair.

Nutriție adecvată cu flatulență Deoarece erorile nutriționale conduc cel mai adesea la balonare, nu ar trebui să luați imediat pastilele.

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Nutriționiștii recomandă să respecte anumite reguli ale regimului alimentar, în care tratamentul nu este necesar: Fulgi de ovăz. It's ALL gone. There's maybe 10 hairs apiece left on my arms and legs. And yes, I had sufficient time and lack of anything better to do to actually count them, although the levels of percocet and morphine in my system made for a somewhat iffy ability to concentrate enough to actually do it.

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This coupled with the foot long surgical scar and pierderea în greutate falls of neuse pheresis catheter hanging out of my chest makes for a really attractive package just now, thank god my wife is understanding. Only positive is I'm actually under lbs for the first time since college. I'm not recommending this as a weight loss program, but damn it's effective. More details for those who have actually read this far and care to keep going.

Fair warning, continuing means you're gonna hear more about my lower intestines and colon than you probably ever wanted to. The first round of Stem Cell Transplant went remarkably well.

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So they tell me. From my point of view it was the worst New Years I ever had. I mean, I've puked in the New Year on a number of occasions but the diarrhea was a novel twist.

And while I'm sure the food service folk's hearts were in the right place on New Years Eve, I was in no mood to appreciate the party hat and noisemaker that appeared on my dinner tray. Fortunately, those symptoms cleared up in about 4 days and after pierderea în greutate falls of neuse my stem cells back, they let me go home after only 9 days.