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B You can only buy tickets online. D You can buy tickets by SMS. The orchestra will play Read the text below and say which statements are true Tfalse For not pip camly slimming NG in the text.

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It was 9 am on Monday morning and John was getting ready for work. He had woken up late that morning because he hadnt heard the alarm. He put on his suit, went into the kitchen and grabbed his lunch, and then picked up his car key. But when he got into the car it wouldnt start, pip camly slimming he ran to the nearest bus stop.

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He managed to catch bus number 89 but he was already late for work. It was Thursday morning. John woke up earlier than usual. John had a light breakfast.

John got on a bus.

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Johns car had run out of petrol. What do we call the finger between the thumb and the middle finger?

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A the ring finger B the index finger D theres no finger there E any finger C the pinky 8. Complete sentences with their correct ending a-d. Mary hasnt done a. The guests have already b.

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Have you ever c. My brother has always d.

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I forgot to wear my hat and scarf last night and I A found B fed C felt D flew Choose the right word to complete the sentence: The woman gave the little boy and his brother a.

I had a very good seat and the performance was an interesting one but I did not enjoy it.

Two men sitting behind me started talking loudly and I could not hear anything. When I could not bear it any more I turned round and said: I cant hear a word!

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Its none of your business. This is a private conversation, they replied. The writer got angry because A there were people sitting behind him C the play was uninteresting E he couldnt hear the words of the play If you are kind and generous, you are A good-for-nothing B good-hearted monodieta cu mere Lets take a The play is about to start.

Choose the right word to complete the sentence: My mother didnt need to cook dinner last Saturday because we ate. Even though the soldiers were losing the battle, they still shouted Long A strength B height D value E depth 18 C surface If you broke a window, your mother A is B was C would be Choose the right word to complete the sentence: She wanted to buy him a shirt when she was in France, but she didnt know his.

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A size B seize C measure D height E stature What is pepper? A a fruit and a vegetable D a vegetable and a spice B a mean person E a pet C a job When someone sneezes, its polite to say A Rest in peace! B Kind regards! C Bless you! Unfortunately, things are going from bad to.

A better B ill C worst D worse D a good time E See you soon!


E best E some time E public health Where is Ottawa? A In the USA. B In the UK. C In Australia. D In Canada. I turned the bottle. E upside down Choose the right answer to complete the conversation: Mary: I dont like classical music.

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B Neither I dont.