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Determined to address the Eastern Question by ending the Russian threat to the Ottoman Empire, the allies posed several conditions for a ceasefire, including that Russia should give up its protectorate over the Danubian Principalities; that Russia should abandon any right to interfere in Ottoman affairs on the behalf of Orthodox Christians; that the Straits Convention of was to be revised; and finally, all nations were to be granted access to the river Danube.

WikiMatrix Nu avem nevoie de orientali pentru problema cu Lupin. We won't need any of you Orientals to help us with Lupin.

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They recognized the degeneration of the Ottoman Empire, but they did not know how to handle this situation a problem known as the "Eastern Question".

WikiMatrix În Şcoala de studii orientale şi africane din Londra a publicat un raport în problema limbii.

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In the School of Oriental and African Studies in London published a report on the language problem. Escapism, groupon hk slimming, in the form of excessive drinking affects both the Eastern and the Western world.

WikiMatrix Chestiunea Orientală este o perioadă în istoria Europei caracterizată prin încercările de rezolvare a problemelor diplomatice și politice generate de decăderea Imperiului Otoman. Figes sets the war in the context of the Eastern Question, the diplomatic and political problems caused by the decay of the Ottoman Empire.

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WikiMatrix A apărut atunci o nouă problemă: conform tratatului de la Berlin, Sultanul avea dreptul de a trimite trupe în Rumelia Orientală la cererea guvernatorului Rumeliei Orientale. A new problem then arose: according to the Berlin treaty the Sultan was only allowed to send troops to Eastern Rumelia at the request of Eastern Rumelia's governor. Within the East African community, and I am personally responsible for the relevant motion for a resolution, the problem of internal tariffs may be less significant, as a customs union exists, but the trade relations between neighbouring states may become more difficult as a result of the different degrees of liberalisation.

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The "Eastern Question" involved the slow steady disintegration of the "Sick man of Europe" the Ottoman Empire, often called "Turkey"the rise of nationalism in the Balkans, and the general issue of alliances in Eastern Europe. Factors introduced into the discussion include: a breakdown of the transmission in artistic skills due to the political and economic disruption of the Crisis of the Third Century,influence from Eastern and other pre-classical regional styles from around the Empire a view promoted by Josef Strzygowskiand now mostly discountedthe emergence into high-status public art of a simpler "popular" or "Italic" style that had been used by the less wealthy throughout the reign of Greek models, an groupon hk slimming ideological turning against what classical styles had come to represent, and a deliberate preference for seeing the world simply and exploiting the groupon hk slimming possibilities that a simpler style gave.

WikiMatrix Deși toate ramurile creștinismului - catolicii, est ortodocși și ortodoxi orientali, evanghelici sau linia-principală protestantă - învață că Iisus Hristos joacă un rol decisiv în procesul de mântuire, detaliile acestui rol și partea redată de persoanele individual sau ritualurile și relațiile ecleziastice, sunt o problemă de mare diversitate în doctrina oficială a Bisericii, speculație teologică și practică populară.

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Though all branches of Christianity — Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Church of the East, Evangelical, and mainline Protestants — teach that Jesus Christ plays a decisive role in the Christian salvation process, the specifics of that role and the part played by individual persons or ecclesiastical rituals and relationships, is a matter of wide diversity in official church teaching, theological speculation and popular practice.