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Allows you to selectively disable or edit audio tracks. Add a theme for your FLV video before conversion.

3 Efficient Methods to Convert FLV to VOB for Free

Offer a free, fast and simple jyotika pierdere în greutate to batch convert FLV files. Descărcare gratuităPentru MacOS Click the Meniul option on the top of the interface and go to the Preferinţă. În setari generale, you can choose the output folder.

Pasul 2.

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To add FLV files, you should click the Adăugați fișiere button on the interface. Then you can select files in the browse window.

Then you should click the Format de iesire field and select the VOB format. Pasul 3.

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You can add themes for your video file before the conversion. Click the Editați × button on the interface and go to Selectează tema.

You can choose the theme like birthday, family, and landscape for your FLV video. Then you can preview the effects of the video and save it. Pasul 4. To start convert, you need to click the Convertit button in the main interface.

It will open the folder automatically and you and find the VOB file in it. Part 2.

dvd de fuziune de fast

It has a well-organized and clear interface that is friendly to all users. Customize the FLV file before conversion. Safe and stable to use. Pasul 1.

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Go to the website of Free Online Video Converter. You need to click the Adăugați fișiere pentru a converti button. The browse window will dvd de fuziune de fast up to let you add FLV files.

dvd de fuziune de fast

After adding files, you need to select the format to export the files. There are several formats listed at the bottom of the window. Find VOB and click the circle next to it.

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Before conversion, you can click the Angrenaj icon to adjust parameters like video resolution, encoder, audio volume, and channel of the FLV file. Apasă pe Convertit button to start the conversion.

dvd de fuziune de fast

You can find the VOB file in the folder you set when the converting is finished. Also, you can compress FLV files aici. Part 3. It supports Windows and Mac systems.

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Download and launch Handbrake. To add FLV files, you need to click the Sursa deschisa button.

dvd de fuziune de fast

You can find the FLV file in the browse window. Then set the folder to save the output VOB file by clicking the Salvează ca field at the bottom of the interface.

dvd de fuziune de fast

Then select VOB format in the Format field. Apasă pe start button to begin the conversion. Part 4. What is the FLV format?

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Find FLV player aici 2. How can I cut the FLV file before converting? It allows you to set the start and end point on the timeline to clip the video.